Within a country, state or territory; within the interior part of a land mass. In old English law, inland was used for the demesne (q.v.) of a manor; that part which lay next or most convenient for the lord's mansion-house, as within the view thereof, and which, therefore, he kept in his own hands for support of his family and for hospitality; in distinction from outland or utland, which was the portion let out to tenants
@ inland bill of exchange
A bill of which both the drawer and drawee reside within the same state or country. Otherwise called a "domestic bill," and distinguished from a "foreign bill."
See bill
- inland marine insurance (insurance)
@ inland navigation
Within the meaning of the legislation of congress upon the subject, this phrase means navigation upon inland waters (q.v.)
@ inland trade
Trade wholly carried on at home; as distinguished from foreign commerce.
@ inland waters
Such waters as canals, lakes, rivers, watercourses, inlets and bays, within, or partly within, the United States, exclusive of the open sea, though the water in question may open or empty into the ocean. United States v. Steam Vessels of War, 106 U.S. 607, 1 S.Ct. 539, 27 L.Ed. 286

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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